Other Projects

Ballads of Reform This project includes British topical ballads selected from over 500 collected from collections containing songs written between 1768 and 1868. This was a period of awakening awareness by the common people to the need for democratic reforms. These street ballads tell of the long, hard struggle for democratic reform and the obstacles placed in the way by those who were reluctant to share power with those they considered their inferiors. The ideas expressed in those hard times will remind us of the difficulties encountered in obtaining the freedoms we all too often take for granted and allow to slip away through apathy today.

Quite Carried Away

As a member of 'Quite Carried Away', Dick plays for the Sacramento English Country Dancers each month at locations within the Sacramento valley and at various Jane Austin celebrations. Quite Carried consists of David Wright, Susan Jones, Arlene Jamar, Sandra Westfall, Martin Lodahl, Jane Kostka, and Dick Holdstock.

Nautical group

Nauticas perform authentic instrumental sea music, traditional ballads, and shanties. Nauticas is a four-person band of musicians, each outstanding in their own right, who together produce a delightful atmosphere. The group consists of Riggy Rackin, Shay Black, Dick Holdstock, and Peter Kasin.